Focusing specifically on training for psychological trauma, Nicola has established a framework to assist individuals and organisations to achieve three respective levels of trauma informed practice in their work.

Training Overview

In 2022 Nicola launched an initiative to increase access to training in trauma informed practice by creating a series of online workshops to assist participants in achieving the bronze, silver and gold status of trauma informed practice.

Each workshop comprises of 3 hours of taught content with opportunities to ask questions, engage in practical activities and participate in group discussions. These open access sessions attract practitioners from a range of backgrounds and organisations providing opportunities for networking and sharing of knowledge and experience.

Upon completion of each workshop, participants will be permitted to use the respective status symbol to reflect their commitment to trauma informed practice.

Bronze status:

‘Trauma aware’

This foundation level workshop provides an introduction to trauma and the principles underpinning trauma informed practice.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding traumatic stress and complex trauma
  • Understanding trauma and loss
  • Introduction to trauma informed practice
  • Trauma informed approaches to humanitarian crisis: understanding context
  • Supporting coping
  • Self-care
Developing Trauma Informed Practice

Silver status:

‘Developing trauma informed practice’

Building on the knowledge gained at the bronze level, the silver level focuses on therapeutic skills for trauma informed practice.

Course content includes:

  • Developing therapeutic skills for practice
  • Creative trauma informed practice
  • Supporting families
  • Making SENSE of trauma
  • Structuring trauma informed interventions
  • Vicarious trauma
Committed to Trauma Informed Practice

Gold status:

‘Committed to trauma informed practice’

Consolidating the learning from both the bronze and silver levels, the gold level will concentrate on supporting individuals and organisations to create and sustain a commitment to adopting a trauma informed approach to practice.

Course content includes:

  • Creating trauma informed organisations: roles and responsibilities
  • Self-care for organisations
  • Making SENSE of trauma: trauma focused interventions
  • Using therapeutic illustrations: application in practice

Upcoming courses

Nicola delivers these three workshops on a regular basis, please email for further information about dates, cost and how to book.

Trauma informed practice for organisational change

Training programmes focused on trauma informed practice offer opportunities to create and facilitate organisational change and to enhance culture and practice.

Nicola works in collaboration with a range of organisations including businesses, statutory and non-statutory services to design tailored programmes which enable cultural change and establish a framework for a best practice underpinned by the 6 principles of trauma informed practice across the entire organisation.

Bespoke Training

Nicola is able to work with organisations to develop and deliver bespoke training programmes based on their individual requirements. Please contact her directly to discuss the requirements of your organisation.
Image credit

Members of the White Helmets delivering an educational workshop to children and young people in their local community.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission from the White Helmets.

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Nicola welcomes the opportunity to discuss psychological trauma consultancy, training, supervision and clinical support to organisations and individuals, both in the UK and internationally.



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