Focusing specifically on training for psychological trauma, Nicola has established a framework to assist individuals and organisations to achieve four respective levels of trauma informed practice in their work.

Training Overview

Each level comprises of a one-day workshop to assist participants in achieving the bronze, silver and gold status of trauma informed practice. In addition, specifically created for organisations, the platinum status is designed to enable organisations to become designated as ‘A Trauma Informed Organisation’.

With a maximum of 12 participants per workshop, a collaborative approach is used alongside a range of teaching strategies including small group discussions, scenario-based learning, role play and creativity-based techniques such as photography, art, story and film.

Upon completion of each workshop, participants will be permitted to use the respective status symbol to reflect their commitment to trauma informed practice or their designation as trauma informed organisation.

Bronze status:

‘Trauma aware’

This training workshop provides an introduction to trauma and the principles underpinning trauma informed practice. Participants are supported to begin the process of implementing trauma informed approaches to their practice and to identify additional areas for development.

Silver status:

‘Developing trauma informed practice’

At the silver level, trauma informed practice is developed based on an understanding of the specific needs and context in which participants work. A collaborative approach is used, and focus is on the practical application of learning to integrate a trauma informed approach to practice.

Gold status:

‘Committed to trauma informed practice’

This workshop focuses on enhancing a commitment to trauma informed practice through the process of reflection and developing strategies for self-care. Participants are supported to create and maintain a portfolio of trauma informed practice to demonstrate their learning and structure their ongoing development and to explore their contribution to establishing trauma informed organisations.

A Trauma Informed Organisation

Platinum status:

‘A Trauma Informed Organisation’

Using a series of evidence-based mapping and assessment tools, organisations are supported to review and evaluate their service delivery, organisational processes and policies to demonstrate that they are trauma informed. Organisations attaining platinum status will be required to commit to ongoing review to reflect their dedication to trauma informed practice across the whole organisation.

Upon completion of the consultancy workshop, organisations may use the platinum status symbol in all their communications and materials to reflect their achievement as A Trauma Informed Organisation.

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Bespoke Training

Nicola is able to work with organisations to develop and deliver bespoke training programmes based on their individual requirements. Please contact her directly to discuss the requirements of your organisation.
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Members of the White Helmets delivering an educational workshop to children and young people in their local community.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission from the White Helmets.

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