Nicola’s work draws on best practice and is taken from a range of disciplines, including military psychiatry, humanitarian assistance, occupational psychology, psychological trauma and creative therapies (for example, art and play). Her approach is flexible, pragmatic, collaborative and responsive to the needs of the organisation supported by both her extensive practical experience and knowledge of the academic evidence.


Nicola’s practice is based on using a trauma informed framework as a way of structuring training and support programmes for organisations. A trauma informed approach recognises the widespread impact of psychological trauma, understanding what is needed to facilitate resilience and recovery.

Most importantly, a trauma informed approach is not about asking ‘what’s wrong with someone?’, nor is it simply about understanding ‘what’s happened to them?’, it is more than this; it is asking ‘what’s right with someone?’.

For organisations working with beneficiaries from a range of backgrounds and contexts (regardless of whether or not they are known to have experienced trauma), a trauma informed practice framework offers the following opportunities:

  • Increased engagement
  • Enhanced impact
  • Strengthening of resilience

Importantly, such an approach also encourages attention to be paid to the psychological wellbeing of those staff delivering these programmes and to consider how their resilience and commitment can be sustained over the long-term.

Key Components

Being trauma informed is made up of six key components:

  1. Establishing emotional safety
  2. Restoring choice and control
  3. Supporting coping
  4. Facilitating connections
  5. Responding to identity and context
  6. Building strengths

The Six Principles

These six principles are integrated throughout both the design and delivery of training. Nicola works closely with organisations to understand their priorities, resources and needs, designing and implementing tailored consultancy and training packages.

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White Helmet Volunteers planting flowers to brighten the Syrian streets as part of their community engagement work.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission from the White Helmets.

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Nicola welcomes the opportunity to discuss psychological trauma consultancy, training, supervision and clinical support to organisations and individuals, both in the UK and internationally.



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